Our fee structure is meant to be reasonable and affordable.  We are open to negotiation, barter, and Open Hand Economy (payment based on what you think the service is worth). We reserve the right to allow Pay What You Can terms. It is our intent that your experience is rich, rewarding, loving, and meaningful.  Contact us for full details.

Group Experience


Study Group = Love Offering
Day Retreat = $50 includes lunch
Day Workshop = $75 includes lunch

Rites of Passage

$50 / hour

Includes full consultation to determine your intent and wishes for your celebration or ritual.  Other costs may apply such as travel.

Speaking Engagements


Sermon / Talk = $250
Keynote Speaker = $500
Other costs may apply such as travel.

We accept Pay Pal payments or major credit cards.
We do not see things as they are, but as we are.